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Having been introduced to the role .NET plays in the simple, yet powerful creation of Web services, let's now take the application to the next level by building proxies - functions that allow us to access Web services as though they were functions built right inside our applications. Let's start the discussion with an allegory. When you make a cellular telephone call, you have one goal in mind: speaking with the person at the other end. It generally doesn't matter to you how the message gets there. A single call may be transmitted from antenna to tower, then via landline to a satellite uplink. This uplink might then transmit your voice to another part of the globe where, once again, your voice is carried along physical phone lines to the location of your call recipient. You needn't concern yourself with the details of how this happens; if you did, you'd spend a lot l... (more)

A Platform for XML Web Services: Part 3 of 3

Parts 1 and 2 of this series explored the wealth of Web service-friendly features in the .NET Framework, from creating and testing Web services to building seamless proxies without typing a line of code. This final segment examines advanced techniques that provide even more power and flexibility to the XML-enabling platform. State Management Under many circumstances it's helpful to retain information between Web service function calls. For example, you may need to track the number of calls a particular client (consumer) makes to your service in a given period of time. While we c... (more)

A Platform For XML Web Services

Microsoft's revolutionary .NET platform is promising a new level of capabilities, specifically regarding Web applications and services. With the recent .NET beta 2 release (and the promise of no functionality changes, only bug fixes from now until RTM), developers can finally take aim at a much slower moving target in beta 2. To achieve a unified and level playing field, Microsoft has spent countless hours and billions of dollars in recent years developing a standard that not only makes XML data transfer as simple as Hello World, but breaks down the barriers between its language... (more)